Windows 10

About Windows 10

Windows 10 was officially released to the public at the end of July of 2015. It allows you to sync all of your devices that use the Windows 10 operating system, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and home PCs. There is a personal assistant named Cortana who will help you with any questions you may have. The Home version of Windows 10 is free when upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, and when upgrades are available they will download automatically.

What Versions of Windows 10 Are Available

Windows 10 comes in four different versions:

* Home,

 * Pro,

 * Enterprise, and

 * Education.

 The Home version is for everyday use by users on their home PCs. The Pro version has all the features of the Home Version, but has additional features as well. It is aimed at users that are using it for small business use. The Enterprise and Education versions have additional features that are more in-depth business versions. They are only able to be purchased by someone with volume licensing, which means that it can only be purchased by someone for business, education, or government purposes, and the price it is sold for will vary depending on how many devices it will be used for, which of the two versions you are buying, and how long of a subscription you are purchasing.



New For Windows 10Windows_10_build_10240_(RTM)

* Cortana – Cortana is Microsoft’s personal assistant, much like Apple uses Siri. Cortana can search and look up things in your personal files, compose and send email, remind you of appointments, and much more. Cortana’s voice is voiced by Jen Taylor.

* Microsoft Edge – Microsoft Edge web browser is used with Windows 10, rather than the Internet Explorer web browser that has been popular with Windows operating systems for so long. This new browser is designed to be compatible with Cortana, among other things, and will be able to be upgraded for free in July of 2016.

* Better Gaming Features – Any Xbox One game is able to be streamed to any Windows 10 tablet or PC. There is also a new app for it that will allow you access to your messages, friends list, and to view your recent activity on the game.

*It’s Free – As long as you currently use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, Windows 10 will be free for you to download, as long as you get it before its one year anniversary.


Removed For Windows 10

* Discontinued Apps – Some apps that were on previous versions of Windows are no longer available once you upgrade to Windows 10. The Travel app, Health and Fitness app, and Food and Drink apps are gone.

* Windows Media Center – Windows Media Center will be gone after your upgrade to Windows 10 is installed.





Future of Cell Phones


From Alexander Graham Bell to today,phones have undergone an incredible transformation. From having to go through an operator to two- and three-party lines to private landlines to cordless, and now mobile, or cell phone is quite a long way, and older Americans can remember most of the journey.

Now that most Americans have cell phones. the companies are looking for innovations to attract more customers and address demands of one-the-go communications.

One thing that companies are trying is changing the look of cell phones. The i Phone 8 Concept has a cylindrical shape that sets it apart from the usual phone. The Cartier “milenaire” takes this idea a bit further, making a phone that looks more like an expensive piece of jewelry or maybe a very nice makeup case. There is also a design all of one color and the case is made of precious metal. Maybe for the person “who has everything”? The P-One is very different and sure to attract attention. It has a shape somewhat like a USB port with a circle in the middle. It is so small that it cannot support a keyboard, so it has motion sensors for written text recognition. One of the “knobs” can be used as a crank charger if you are in a remote area with no electricity. The Puzzlephone has three replaceable modules: the “brain” or electronics of the phone, the “heart” or battery, and the “spine” or screen, making it easy to upgrade or replace whatever part needs replacing. If the screen is broken it can be replaced without buying a new phone, or the phone can be updated to newer technology by replacing the “brain”

There are models designed to be worn. The Portal is designed to wear as a bracelet, something of a version of smartwatch but with a six-inch touch screen. The Nokia Fit is actually worn as you would a ring. It is waterproof because it is made of silicone rubber.One part is worn on the index finger and with the speaker and call reception part, which is worn on the pinkie finger. Another part is worn on the middle finger and accepts vibration and missed call notification.

Some models emphasize the screen of the phone. The Meizu Pro 6 and Pro 7 feature a curved screen. According to available information, there will be a new release of this phone soon with fingerprint technology. The LG Flex 950 also has a curved screen, as do the Samsung Galaxy Round, Galaxy Note Edge, LG F340 and Vivo XPlay 5. Apple plans to release a new i phone this year without a metal frame with AMOLED display, with the screen that wraps around the body of the phone. The i phone Essence has two screens, one on the front and the other on the opposite side. It is waterproof and can be charged by solar power. There is a rumor that in 2017 Samsung will release an Android phone with a folding screen. Some companies are developing prototypes of phones with flexible screens. One Chinese company has a prototype of a model with a flexible display made of graphene and the Holoflex prototype features a holographic display.

These are just the tip of the iceberg since there companies concentrating more on performance capabilities, rather than outward appearance. In short, the future of cells phones is now.